"Glass just seems to bring the ocean out of me." When finding flameworkd glass in 1998 Jeremy was immersed in a medium that had the infinite potential to create all things aquatic. The flow, transparency and colors of borosilicate glass was an obvious way to express and experience the sea. 

Being a scuba diver, fisherman and conservationalist, who lives in Western Massachusetts. Jeremy spends a lot of time in the studio melting borosilicate glass with a torch to over 3000 degrees farenugeight and everywhere in between. The torch flame gives a wide variety of heat from a tiny flame for fine details to a large rocket like flame for large projects. 

Sinkus hopes to show the beauty and fragility of the oceans eco systems in glass and celebrate awareness of the sea. 

Member: Ocean Artists Society

Member: Glass Art Society (GAS)

Studied with: Salley Prasch (scientific glass)

Milon Townsend (sculptural glass)

Emilio Santini (hollow vessels)


Sandwich Glass Museum 2009

Glass Life Form: 2013-2016